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Miss Korea - Maskafe Lifting - ABC Clinic

PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES : This eco-friendly sheet is made by fermenting 100% natural coconut water and can be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin, due to low irritation.
DEAD SKIN CELL AND SEBUM CAN BE REMOVED : It does not take away moisture from the skin even when used for a long time, and absorbs dead skin cells, wastes, and sebum without irritation while the sheet dries.
THE SECOND SKIN : A three-dimensional mesh structure of 0.002-0.05 micrometres can hold more effective ingredients than regular sheets. Also, our sheets are perfectly adhering to your skin and effectively absorb the effective ingredients into your skin.
EXCELLENT COOLING EFFECT : It has excellent cooling effect to be used as a treatment sheet for burn patients. It can quickly lower the temperature of the hot, tired skin.