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Injection Lipolysis Treatment (Fat Dissolving) - Our Treatments - ABC Clinic

Injection lipolysis (Fat Dissolving)

Injection lipolysis is a method utilizing flimsy needles Injections into the skin solutions containing substances that separate fats in fat cells. These solutions as a rule contain phosphatidylcholine. It is a characteristic substance that is gotten from soybeans yet in addition is normally in the human body. This chemical parts fats into little parts which are then dispensed with away from the body. Appropriate areas for treatment are segregated fat collections, for example, twofold jawline and overabundance fat around the lower jaw, separately neck, cheeks, kind-hearted skin tumours – lipomas, upper and lower portions of the mid-region, knees, thighs, rump, and different spots that can't be taken out by diet or exercise.

This procedure expands the strength and versatility of the skin yet doesn't supplant customary liposuction and isn't proposed to be accomplished for broad expulsion of fat stores. You can utilize the solutions containing other comparably acting medications, for example, carnitine. These are utilized primarily for the Injection lipolysis treatment of cellulite or sensitive areas. Its application is practically easy, for the best results is important to perform two to six medicines in half a month, depending upon the item utilized and on the treated area. The process itself requires 20-30 minutes. The treated region after the process becomes red, swollen, and here and there somewhat difficult. The main impact can be seen following 14 days and afterward completely following a month and a half.

It is recommended to drink many liquids, ideally non-carbonated water, before treatment and during the initial 3-5 days after treatment. The impact of Injection lipolysis can be upheld by the utilization of nutrients, minerals, and cancer prevention agents. It is also recommended wearing loose clothes, in the event of affectability of the treated are cooling the initial 2 days is advantageous.