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BB Glow


BB Glow is considered one of the best instant facial skin treatments for people who have uneven skin texture or dull skin complexion. BB glow not only works for dull complexion and broken skin, but it is also providential for the people who are having freckles, Hyperpigmentation, acne marks, sunburns, or even age lines because BB glow hydrates your skin and ajar the pores of your skin that gives you instant results of reducing and removing the different scars from your facial skin.

BB Glow facial is a thorough semi-permanent skin treatment that makes your face glow promptly and naturally. Without going deeper into your skin, a pigmented vitamin serum which is free of alcohol and parabens is injected into your skin by micro-needling. Every time at the treatment the density of the vitamin pigment is increased and more coverage is made through. BB glow brightens your skin evenly that it also balances the skin tone and gives you an overall glowing complexion. BB glow is considered a tremendous and great facial skin treatment because of the fact that it is safe. The pigment injected into your skin does not go into the deeper layers of your skin to your subcutaneous fat, it just enters your skin through micro-needling and makes it leveled and gives you a perfect glow by balancing the skin tone overall.  To maximize the results, 2-3 sessions are conducted in a month or a half. The number of sessions recommended varies from person to person according to the skin condition. When the sequence of the treatments has completed the results of BB glow last up to 5 months and with proper care and maintenance the results can even last longer than 5 months.